Tick Identification, Removal and Submission Kit

Tick kits available for $9.95 + $4 shipping

Tick-borne illnesses, especially Lyme disease, are on the rise in the US; particularly in the Northeast and Upper Mid West. Who's at risk? Anyone spending time outdoors in proximity to tick habitat including

Want to better protect your family? Education & awareness are key to avoiding tick-borne illnesses. Strategies including personal protection, landscape modifications and the use of repellents are all important. So is having all of the tools necessary to identify, remove and submit ticks in a timely fashion. Our Tick kit includes precision magnified tweezers, full color tick identification guide, tick removal instructions and tick submission zip-lock bags. Perfect for the home, car or backpack. If you live in a tick endemic area, you need the resources contained in our tick kit.

Contents of Tick Removal Kit by Mainely Ticks

Kit contents include:

  • Clear plastic pouch
  • Fine pointed magnified tweezers
  • Tick identification guide
  • Tick removal instructions
  • Tick submission zip-lock bags
  • Alcohol wipes
  • Antiseptic wipes
  • Adhesive strips

Tick Identification, Removal and Submission kits available for $9.95 + $4 shipping