Magnified Fine Pointed Tick Removal TweezersMagnified Fine Pointed Tick Removal Tweezers

The prompt and proper removal of an attached tick is vital in avoiding tick-borne illnesses. Along with the micro-pointed tips, these tweezers feature a built in magnifying lens, which allows the user to actually see in detail small ticks, splinters and thorns. Once you've used these tweezers, you'll never want to be without them. The finest-pointed magnified tweezers available on the market today...quality and precision at an affordable price.

As part of our new Preventative Partners initiative, Mainely Ticks is now offering affordable "bulk packs" to share with your family, friends, neighborhood and community members, and beyond. Keep a set in your medicine chest, car glove-box and'll be prepared to remove ticks and splinters whether at home or on the go.

Tick Removal Tweezers
available for $6.95 + $4 shipping

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